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PRODIKEM is an independant distributor of additives and binders aimed for industrial customers in Coating , Paints and Construction products sectors. PRODIKEM represents mainly european producers. Main products : LEVASIL colloïdal silica NOURYON, Potassium Silicate, Résin styrene acrylic, Additives, Dispersants, Silanes.

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  • Anticorrosion coatings
  • Binders

Raw materials - Inks

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Raw materials - Construction materials

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  • Formulation (coating powder, paint) , production, packaging storage and freight


Additives / Additives and admixtures / Binders




LEVASIL CC a nanometric colloidal silica in aqueous solution, with an epoxy-silane grafting which gives it particular properties compared to a conventional colloidal silica: in particular excellent stability in formulas at any pH, increase in hardness and resistance to abrasion, better adhesion on supports. Some coating applications: self-cleaning façade paint, new generation silicate paint, varnish and wood sealers, etc

Additives / Additives and admixtures / Binders

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