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Specialist in quality control and R&D instruments for laboratory and production (dissolvers & beads mills, salt spray chambers, spectrophotometers, film thickness gauges, abrasimeters, viscometers, glossmeters,, light boxes etc.). We also provide a service department and our calibration laboratory is accredited NF EN ISO 17025 by COFRAC..

Laboratory & production equipment

  • Metering devices, balances, weighing systems
  • Agitators
  • Other laboratory services
  • Other production and laboratory equipment
  • Mixers - dispersers
  • Control and monitoring systems
  • Chemical reactants
  • Mills
  • Colorimetry


  • Products for surface treatment and application
  • Plant and machinery for painting, enamelling


Colorimetry / Pigments

Q-Chain LCM Liquid Color Measurement of paints & coatings



Q-Chain®LCM Liquid Color Measurement mono and multi angles for paints and coatings Usually, colorimetric evaluation of coatings and pigments is done by a manual measurement of the dried surface. This process needs up to several hours and delays production, because the release is depending on the results of the measurements. With LCM the whole process takes not more than 3 minutes! All values can be evaluated according to different color scales.

Colorimetry / Pigments

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