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Manufacturer and distributor, Polytec is a specialist in optical measurement systems, analytical processes, photonics solutions and adhesives.

- Mixing and polymerization equipment
- High performance resins: optical, UV, electrical and thermal conductive
- Portable Reflectometer: reflectance and emittance


  • Drying and curing plant
  • Products for surface treatment and application
  • Plant and machinery for painting, enamelling


  • Formulation (coating powder, paint) , production, packaging storage and freight

Laboratory & production equipment

  • Other production and laboratory equipment
  • Mixers - dispersers
  • Control and monitoring systems

Raw materials- Adhesives

  • Resins
  • Polymers

Raw materials - Coatings

  • Anticorrosion coatings


Mixers - dispersers

Mélangeurs planétaires pour le mélange et la désaération



We propose planetary mixers for the mixing of all type of materials thanks to the coaxial technology. The speeds of the revolution and the rotation axis can be set independently, which optimizes the mixing and the elimination of bubbles while improving the mixing quality. This double-assymetry technology allows to mix in few seconds different kind of materials: resins, powders, liquids, pastes, pigments, cosmetic components, etc. The range covers a mixing capacity form few grams to 10kg.

Mixers - dispersers

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