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MP2E SOLUTIONS is the exclusive french distributor of High Performance Mixing Equipment SPEEDMIXER.
This equipment without blade are efficiant, quick and quality relevant.
Used to grind, mix paints, inks and any fillers inside resins....

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Mixers - dispersers

SpeedMixer DAC 150.3 FVZ



New Product in the SpeedMixerTM family : SpeedMixer DAC 150.3 FVZ allow the grinding and mixing directly in cups without any blade from 2g up to 100g. Variable speed from 300 RPM to 3500 RPM up to 5 minutes. This laboratory equipment is perfect for quick formulations and coloration of mL in seconds. The range of SpeedMixer is also Vaccuum equipped machine and capacity able to grind and mix up to 15L pail.

Mixers - dispersers

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