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Transformation of polyprolylen (PP) for the manufacturing of injected packaging solutions (pails and pots).
Use of recycled resin, PIR and PCR for the non-food applications, eco-conception and weight reduction.


  • R&D subcontracting - Subcontracting

Packaging & containers

  • Printing, Marking, Coding & Labeling
  • Cans, buckets
  • Design

Producer - Manufacturer

Chemistry / Dyes / Pigments

SuperLift Extra



The SuperLift® range gives a wide choice of shapes and benefits such as: - Same lid fits different volumes - Tamper evidence is standard - Offset print, lacquer or IML printing (metalic effects) - Plastic (on collar for certain sizes) or steel handle - Easy emptying without dripping - Flake free option on certain lids to prevent dried paint filling into the paint - PCR & PIR possibilities - 100% PP = 100% recyclable

Chemistry / Dyes / Pigments

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