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Decobecq Automatismes is an engineering in Automation and Industrial IT specialized in formulation / recipe process.
Integrator of Batch oXalis supervision software, we work in the chemical industry, paints and varnishes from small projects to turnkey sites.

Laboratory & production equipment

  • Production engineering
  • Automation systems


  • Training and education
  • Engineering
  • Software – hardware

Service Provider

Production engineering / Automation systems

logiciel oXalis - Batch process



DECOBECQ Automatismes is integrator of the oXalis software solution for the management of Batch process in industries using dosing and blending of products. Like an MES, our software solution allows the overall management of your workshop connected to your ERP while ensuring the level of traceability, flexibility and responsiveness necessary to achieve production objectives.

Production engineering / Automation systems

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