Focus on sustainability and recycling: CARBON WATERS

Graphene to decarbonize industry

Carbon Waters designs and produces ready-to-use graphene-based solutions to improve the properties of materials and extend their lifespan. Its unique process enables graphene to be exploited in unprecedented ways, combining biosourcing and recyclability.

Low environmental impact production and solutions

Committed to promoting a sustainable industrial environment, Carbon Waters produces its graphene and additives using a resource-efficient processwith a low carbon footprint and integrated raw material recyclability.
Carbon Waters has demonstrated the major impact of its Graph'Up products on environmental transition and decarbonation. These products make structures lighter and extend material lifespan. They can also replace potentially toxic products subject to regulations (REACH).

Recognition for innovative technology

Carbon Waters has won several awards for its technology in favor of decarbonation:
· Impact NA20 (French Tech Nouvelle Aquitaine): active startups on topics combining environmental impact, growth and job creation.
· Mapping of committed startups (Bpifrance, France Industrie): startups helping to reduce the carbon footprint of industry.
· Innovation Radar Prize, Sustainable Tech category: innovative startups moving towards industrialization.

Graph'Up Oxi: long-term protection of materials against corrosion

Thanks to its unique properties, the Graph'Up Oxi range is highly effective in improving the anticorrosion properties of coatings.
It can be used in synergy with traditional zinc-based additives to increase anticorrosion efficiency and extend the lifespan of materials, or as a total replacement for additives subject to regulation.
Graph'Up Oxi additives are suitable for a wide range of formulations, in both aqueous and solvent phases.