Focus on sustainability and recycling: CELANESE

Celanese Acetyl Chain Sustainable Solutions

Celanese is  a global leader in the production of chemical products used in most major industries and consumer applications. Its Acetyl Chain is backwards integrated with a global supply network. Celanese offers a wide variety of advantaged sustainability options across most of the Celanese Acetyl Chain portfolio.

Its Acetyl Chain Portfolio contains acetic acid, vinyl acetate monomer, other acetyl derivatives such as solvents, plasticizers, emulsion polymers for paints & coatings, adhesives and specialty fibers, redispersible polymer powders for building & construction, and EVA polymers for different  applications.

Celanese also offers solutions which have the potential to support positive environmental impacts by helping its customers to design more efficient, longer lasting products. These solutions may not contain sustainable content or be sustainably produced but can contribute to end-state sustainability benefits.

ECO-B and ECO-CC products utilize an approach called “mass-balance”. Mass-balance enables fossil and renewable feedstocks to be physically mixed and utilized within the supply chain but accounted for separately, creating demand for sustainable-feedstocks while maintaining the efficiency of large-scale production technologies.

The accounting process for the different feedstocks is third-party certified with annual physical audits to ensure accurate tracking and allocation.

Celanese also offers options to reduce carbon footprint of products derived from fossil resources via use of renewable energy or other technologies. .
Celanese solutions can support its customers to help achieve both company and product sustainability goals.

Please visit Celanese at booth A01 at Eurocoat to discuss the details of sustainable options.