Focus on sustainability and recycling: COLORIS

COLORIS®'s mission is to act as a trusted player for a safer, more sustainable and progressive world. 

To meet needs without compromising future generations, COLORIS® translates its commitments into a set of actions in favor of its employees and customers in terms of Health, Safety and the Environment, in order to preserve human life and the environment.
Taking care of the environment is one of the pillars of our sustainable development approach. Concerned to preserve essential resources such as water, energy and minerals, COLORIS® teams are mobilized to innovate and develop more virtuous products and processes.

COLORIS® designs products and methods to encourage the recycling of materials and waste, and is developing techniques to recycle water. Recovery and recycling account for 68% of its waste processing. COLORIS® also deploys its skills to reduce the use of single-use packaging for its business and customers.

For COLORIS®, the product life-cycle approach is of prime importance. Thus, controlling its carbon impact is one of its challenges. In the light of carbon balance studies based on scopes 1 and 2, COLORIS®'s ambition is to continue this work by including Scope 3. Already committed to this approach, COLORIS® is taking concrete action to limit greenhouse gas emissions. Among other things, the company rationalizes business travel, uses energy-efficient machines, and favors Life and French purchasing.

Backed by its mature, robust system, COLORIS® is ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified, and holds the ECOVADIS Platinum Medal.
With its values as its compass and its talents as its strength, COLORIS® affirms its determination to forge ahead, to transform the industrial model and to shape the future transition to which companies aspire.