Focus on sustainability and recycling: COVESTRO

A unique plant-based solution for a more sustainable world

For several decades, Covestro has been working to incorporate more bio-based content into its architectural-market resins. Throughout this journey, Covestro has used its technical expertise to help these bio-based resins meet high performance and sustainability standards. The result? Covestro’s ever-growing Decovery® portfolio, designed to meet multiple application needs. By supporting its customers to get the best from Decovery®, and by continuing to explore new technologies, Covestro is helping bio-based feedstocks become a key architectural paint ingredient.

Decovery® resins, with more than 52% bio-based content, enable coatings manufacturers to produce more sustainable paints, reducing carbon footprints up to 30%. The bio-based monomers, derived from second-generation sugars, ensure non-competition with the food chain. Beyond environmental benefits, Decovery® products offer enhanced performance, meeting end-users' requirements. Covestro actively collaborates with customers on formulation strategies, providing open dialogs, testing capabilities, and formulation support.

Covestro’s ambition is to increase the percentage of bio-based material in Decovery® binders from 30% to 50%, and to more than 50% in the near future. For this reason, its R&D team is already working on, up to 70% plant-based prototypes, exploring bio-based feedstocks and technologies. In addition, the company is exploring opportunities to move production of its bio-based monomers to Europe – a move that would enable Covestro to use more renewable energy during production. Not only should these developments strengthen the business case for bio-based materials, they’re also a promising sign that support is already there. With further innovation from Covestro and across the coatings value chain, a world of plant-powered possibilities could soon be within reach!