Focus on sustainability and recycling: LAVOLLEE

LAVOLLEE SAS develops partnerships with producers committed to sustainable development.
In 2020, Lavollée has acquired PIGM'Azur, which develops and produces pigments up to 100% natural, and is as part of a sustainable, environmentally-friendly approach.
Moreover, we work with GreenVal, a leader in sustainability and producer of recycled carbon blacks.
GreenVal stands out for its innovative approach to recycling, a pyrolysis technology for the treatment and recovery of used tires (ELT) and specialised plastics. Their use of cutting-edge technology is revolutionizing the treatment of carbon black, incorporating environmentally-friendly practices at every stage.
Through its approach, GreenVal has achieved ISCC certification, guaranteeing quality products that comply with strict sustainability standards. Recycling carbon black is a responsible action that helps to reduce waste and preserve natural resources.
We also have a partnership with a producer of tackifying hydrocarbon resins whose production sites and head office are ISCC Plus certified.We also work with a supplier of bio-based solvents.