Focus on sustainability and recycling: STEARINERIE DUBOIS

Stéarinerie Dubois is committed to the 2030 agenda of the United Nations Global Compact and is ensuring its transition to sustainable development in its markets.
The company studies the impact and then activates numerous levers in favor of a gradual but nevertheless significant reduction in its CO2eq emissions.
This is how it chose the circular economy through reconditioned drums to package, transport and store its products from the paint, adhesives, lubricants, plastics, rubber and biopolymer ranges.
Since 2021, nearly 2,300 barrels have housed 48,700 liters of these products, allowing Stéarinerie Dubois to use highly durable packaging. In fact, the reuse of a metal drum has been recognized as more sustainable than its recycling by multiple life cycle analyzes carried out internationally.
The use of reconditioned barrels was motivated by its carbon footprint reduced by 80% compared to new packaging. In fact, 85% of the impact on climate change of the production of a metal drum is linked to the raw material. Offering “several lives” to this type of packaging therefore takes on its full meaning.
Furthermore, at the end of its life cycle, when the packaging can no longer be reused, it is recycled responsibly, its raw material put to other uses.
Another illustration of Stéarinerie Dubois’ commitment to creating sustainable value lies in the recovery of waste from its production site. In 2022, this valuation rose to 88%, on the way to the company's 2024 ambition : 100%.
All of the actions carried out by Stéarinerie Dubois in the field of sustainable development can be found in its environmental performance reports on