Focus on sustainability and recycling: XATICO

Thanks to their mineral based specialties (fillers and binders), Xatico offers high added value solutions for the industry.
New lifestyles are creating global challenges such as extending people's life expectancy, climate change and the scarcity of resources. Xatico places these factors at the heart of its innovative solutions. Mineral fillers contribute to a more efficient and environmentally friendly industry by improving the performance of the materials in which they are used. This impact will provide solutions to stakeholder expectations.
In the formulations of paints, inks, adhesives, varnishes and glues, mineral fillers are intended to improve physical, thermal, mechanical, or electrical properties. Their functionalisation enables better incorporation into organic matrices.
By extending the life of formulations and improving the protection of substrates, they consider the environmental challenges facing our industry. The use of mineral fillers, which enhance the corrosion-resistant properties of industrial coatings and decorative plasters, extends the service life of equipment and installations.
Recycling materials in all sectors remain a major technological challenge. Mechanical recycling is still the most widespread waste recycling technique in Europe. At the end of the recycling process, the material obtained is seen as “degraded” compared with corresponding virgin materials. Adding organic and mineral fillers will be a good way of improving its performance. The functionalisation of the mineral filler is a benefit in order to optimise its compatibility with the composite matrix.
Some studies have shown that the presence of residual mineral fillers in the matrices of recycled materials can improve the balance of organic fillers in this matrix and also reduce the water absorption of these composites.