NatureShield® 50

For which application markets can your company’s products/solutions be used?FurnishingsArchitectureBuilding and public worksPrintingTextileOn which material can your products/solutions be used?WoodWhich functionalities of the paint does your product/solution offer?Protection of substrates:wood, plastics, metals, construction...Decoration:color, gloss, structure...For which type(s) of inks, glues, adhesives or varnishes are your raw materials used?Inks:Water-based inksPlant-based inksVarnishes:Acrylic varnishNatural varnishPolyurethane varnishCompany's general activityRaw materials - CoatingsAdditivesRaw materials - InksAdditives
dispersion de cire bio-sourcée

dispersion of a bio-based wax